About Us

Led by Mr. Niranjan Shah, an industry veteran, CES holds nearly four decades of technical experience in automation engineering services. Over the years, the company has designed and delivered cutting-edge solutions for diverse industry verticals with varying levels of complexities, specification, and performance mandates.

Industrial Automation system Supplier & Service provider for various industries such as Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel and also for Building Automation systems.

Director's Desk

Mr. Niranjan Shah Director

The Director Mr Niranjan Shah's experience of working for various industries , projects and system designing - hardware & software. During the tenure, He worked on various Projects and had the opportunity to work on System Designing - Hardware & Software. He has been consultant to many Companies in the field of Fire Alarm Systems, Printing & Packaging. Oil & Gas refineries, Pharma companies & many more...

Why Us?

Preferred Automation Partner with the knowledge, means, and resources for delivering customized Automation solutions under tight schedules and specifications.

  • End-to-End Automation Solution Provider
  • Experienced Manpower and Resources
  • Capabilities for Developing Customized
    Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Independent platform for
    providing Automation Services

Quality Policy

We at CES believe in delivering high-quality, state of the art, safe and energy efficient products. It is this passion and commitment to quality that propels us to continuously strive to do better for our customers by meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations.

Quality is a key driver of progress for us and is an integral part of every Project we undertake, from R&D to product delivery. Our quality policies are constantly upgraded to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

CES is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers and continuously strives to improve in all aspects.

Our products and services are geared towards ensuring that every delivery to the client passes through our stringent quality measures. This policy has a work culture that exhibits a no-compromise attitude towards quality

We are committed to putting our customers' needs first. We are specialists in distribution, system integration and product referencing. Simply put, we're there with the right solution when and where our customers need us. And we're well-positioned to provide leading edge solution for years to come. As such we have proved ourselves as a one-stop shop for industry's complete automation needs